Movement/Posture Estimation. Bed Entry/Exit

BedDot tracks how restless your sleep is based on the amount of movement during sleep. You may check in real-time or after a night of sleeping how well you sleep.

When your senior family member reports that they are not sleeping well, you can easily check BedDot to visualize how much movement they did during the night.

Movement detection (green rectangles). Notice the time of movement is also provided.

Most importantly, BedDot indicates in real time when the person is ON/OFF the bed.

BedDot can tell when and how many times the person on the bed changes his position. Posture change is a very important metric for seniors that need monitoring in real time.

BedDot uses advanced algorithms for detecting when the person actually change his position on the bed or when he is only moving. Image

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Position change detection (pink rectangle)